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Thank you for visiting Butler’s Organics website.  We are a family run business based in Hacketstown, Co. Carlow. Established in 2006, when we had 250 organic hens we created the following mission:

“We provide value to customers by producing, grading, packing and delivering quality organic eggs.  Our specialist organic farm consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations.  Our eggs are produced in Carlow, where hens roam free on organic pastures and feed on a strict organic diet.  We pride ourselves on excellent animal welfare standards and the quality and taste of our eggs.”

Our hens are free-ranging on organic pasture, which means we don’t use chemicals or artificial fertilisers when cultivating the land.

ORGANIC EGGS ARE LAID BY FREE RANGING BIRDS BUT MUCH MORE….  No pesticides – No chemicals – No GMOS – No colourants – No fertilizers

As consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating healthy the demand for organic continues to grow. Over the years we expanded gradually, ensuring all of our birds were allowed the freedom to roam on organic pastures and have plenty of space indoors with a very sought after large scratch area (sought after by the birds!). We now supply stores across Dublin, Wicklow, Carlow and Kildare with the freshest of organic eggs.

Organic Certification

IOFGA (Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association) certifies our farm.  IOFGA ensure a rigorously maintained set of production and processing standards and a certification scheme for organic food.  This ensures that unlike any other eggs produced, including free-range eggs, there is no chemicals, antibiotics or artificial fertilizers used in the birds’s diet or on their pastures.

We aim to produce eggs to the highest quality and our efforts are paying off with more and more people deciding to go organic.

Stephen Evans, Manager and head chef of the prestigious Avoca restaurant in Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow is a big fan.  “Butlers Organic eggs are the finest quality and tasting eggs that the restaurant has ever used.  We highly recommend Butlers Organics and are delighted to be able to add them to our organic menu,” says Stephen.

Lucinda O’Sullivan, Food Critic, has twice recommended Butler’s Organic Eggs in her Sunday Independent Column “I had golden and sunny Butler’s organic scrambled eggs on chunky brown toast……..” (Salt Café and Avoca Food Market)

Thank you for buying our eggs.

David, Paula, Noel & Kate